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Aug 30 / admin

Co-op Offers Full Range of Legal Services

If you are confused by anything legal then you may be interested to hear that Co-op – that old high street favourite – is to begin promoting a full range of legal services with the aid of an experienced agency. The law can be a minefield for the uninitiated, yet most of us need to utilise the services of legal professionals and often the courts during our lifetime. This is why the service offered by the Co-op is a welcome boost. It should be mentioned that the Co-op is already established in the legal services field, but that this new partnership will further boost the services on offer.

Experience and Understanding

By offering a full range of services the Co-op is effectively bringing the law to the people. Co-operative Legal Services (CLS) – as the legal arm of the Co-op is known – was launched to great success in 2006. A new Legal Services Act means that companies such as this can adopt what is known as alternative business structure (ABS) status, allowing them to operate in the world of law. In effect, it means that the Co-op can now offer the same set of services as that previously only available from a firm of solicitors.

Fishburne Hedges brings Expertise

The Co-op has brought experienced agency Fishburne Hedges into the picture to help promote and present the new range of legal and law services, and a company spokesman said:

‘CLS is leading the way in transforming the way legal services are delivered in this country, providing customers with greater accessibility to expert legal advice and better value for money. We’re delighted to have been appointed to help them launch the Co-op’s family legal services offer, as well as drive awareness of the other products and services it offers.’

The range of services is comprehensive, and the Co-op – being a trusted name in many towns – will surely become a major player.

All Family Legal Services provided

CLS will set out to provide everything the everyday individual could want in terms of legal services, including the following: probate, conveyancing, personal injury claims, will writing, family legal services and more. By giving such access to the law to general public the CLS hopes to demystify the legal field and help the people understand that legal services are there to help. In times of need, turning to the Co-op may be the easiest way for many.

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