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Jan 22 / admin

Members of Parliament Consider Changing Laws Regarding Royal Succession

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has proposed a new bill that could overturn hundreds of years of tradition for the royal family. The new law would include two groundbreaking provisions. First of all, the law would state that males would no longer be given priority in the royal line of succession. The new law would also overturn a provision that prevents a member of the royal family from becoming king or queen after marrying a Catholic.

Clegg said that the current policies on the royal line of succession are based on antiquated ideas. He said they reflect sexist ideas and laws that reflect bigoted views towards Catholics which are no longer held by the people of the United Kingdom. He said that the citizenry and lawmakers of modern Britain believe that all people should be treated equally.

He feels that the existing laws are not consistent with the constitution, commonwealth or the image Britain portrays to the rest of the world. Clegg argues that the views of the people and the philosophy of the British constitution should carry to the monarchy as well.

The bill has received both support and opposition from various factions within the House of Commons. However, almost every Member of Parliament said the timeframe Clegg created for the bill is not realistic. The deputy prime minister wants to get the bill through Parliament in less than two days.

The new bill would be a revolutionary reform for the royal family and the House of Lords. However, it is too early to determine whether or not other lawmakers will support it. Clegg will probably find that he will not be able to pass the bill by Friday as he hoped.

Prince Charles has challenged Clegg’s recent move. The Prince said that Clegg may not have considered all the possible implications of the bill. One of the potential consequences the prince raised is the suitability of a child raised as Catholic to act as Governor of the Church of England. However, Clegg said that he disagrees with the concerns the prince has raised.

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